The Best Game for Fall 2017

If your group isn’t already playing this they’re missing out.

Dozens of students line up for their turn. Leaders want to get in on the act. Some stick around just to play after the students are gone. Nine Square isn’t new but if your students aren’t playing it they are missing out. The game practically runs itself and if you can get the pieces, its pretty easy to put together. You can have it up and running in no time.

Here are the rules and instructions!

Nine Square

The game students (and leaders) can’t get enough of

Rules and methods. The person in the ‘nine square‘ decides the rules and serves the ball at the start of each round. If the ball touches your square, and then touches somebody else’s square or touches out of bounds without you touching the ball, then you are out. If you hold onto the ball, then you are out.

Watch a video for instructions…. these guys did a really good job on this…

9-Square in the Air Rules

Goal:  Be the “King” of the game for as long as you can.

  1. The “king” serves the ball from the center square to any other square by hitting the ball up and out of the top of the center game square.
  2. Players must return the ball to another player’s square.
  3. If a player fails to return the ball to another player’s square, that player is out.
  4. A double hit results in elimination.
  5. During game play, players are not allowed to touch the game structure.
  6. Touching the game structure results in elimination.
  7. When a player is out, they leave their square and move to the end of the line.
  8. The other players advance to fill the square of the player who just got out.

How to Assemble your own

The first design problem we encountered is there is no PVC joint that has 5 connectors. This meant we would have to find a way to connect our pipes differently if we were going to design our own.

Our solution was to take the vertical support and move to the midpoint on each square. This idea would solve two problems. The first of which is now we did not need 5 piece connector. We will discuss the other issued solved in a later steps.

The Way they Built it

Working from the inside out we began to piece our design together. We decided to add bushings onto the end of the vertical poles to provide extra grip as well as protection to the floor. We built the squares first and then with a few extra hands we were able to lift and support the square with 7.5 ft vertical poles. Its not a bad idea to glue a few of the connector joints but you will want to consider storage.

The cost

  • 30 PVC pipes 2in x 10ft at $4.49 per piece Total cost of pvc pipe $134.70
  • 32 2in T connector joints at $2.48 per piece Total cost of T joints $79.36
  • 4 2in 90 degrees elbows at $.95 per piece Total cost of elbow joints $3.80
  • 24 2in Bushing at $0.84 per piece Total cost of bushing $20.16


And Here’s Another way.

Here’s how one group put theirs together; has all the 1-1/4″ fittings needed (4-5 ways, 8-4 ways, and 4-3 ways) to build a 9 Square. I paid $50, shipping included.

I could only find 20′ sections of Schedule 40 PVC at the Do It Best Hardware

With 20′ sections and Making a 7’x6’x6′ 9 Square I needed 14 sticks – cost = 153.86.

Total cost = 203.86.

We glued the fittings onto the overhead fittings so that we had all the fittings glued into; two bars with 5 ways on each end, four bars with 4 ways on each end, four bars with 3 ways on one end, fourteen 6′ bars with no fitting attached.

Of course, I had no fittings glued to the sixteen 7′ legs (gravity keeps that fitting together). This allows us to break it down and store it easily.

The fittings from Pipeworks are deep and allow the fittings to hold nicely to the overhead bars securely during play.

Important Note:

When you glue two fittings onto one overhead bar, be sure that both downward facing joints are pointed in exactly the same direction. You will only get one shot at gluing them together correctly, no do-overs on that step.

Pieces also available through Amazon:

If you have the budget for it and don’t want to make your own you can buy the pieces from 9Squareintheair

Have Fun!

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