Study: Teen Brain Wired for Pleasure

Teen mice drank too much,

ate too much, and made poor choices in a study at Temple University.

Famous adolescence researcher, Laurence Steinberg’s team point out that the same reason mice behaved badly in this study, is the reason that teens make risky choices.

It is all about pleasure! Here is why and what we can do to help them from 10-25 years old.

How to Consume Media the Right Way According to Walt Mueller

Your students cannot avoid it. Everywhere they go there is going to be music, movies, and tv shows.  So what do you teach them about media?

The bible says to avoid and hide from everything unless it is from a Christian label, right?

Actually it doesn’t.  What the bible does do is talk a lot about discernment.  It teaches that we are to discern what we are supposed to consume and what we are not supposed to consume.

We tend to not teach about discernment because it is difficult. –Difficult to teach and difficult to do.  And we avoid things that are difficult.

No one I know of does a better job of helping us teach students about discernment better than Walt Mueller.  His website, is an amazing resource.

Walt starts off by asking a great question, do you mindlessly consume or do you mindfully critique?  Do your students just turn off their brains and consume.  Most do and this is dangerous.