4 Ways to Effectively Help Hurting Students

We all have them.

Unfortunately, we do not always know what to do with them.  I guarantee that your ministry is filled with hurting students.  They might hide it from you, but below the surface, they are hurting.

So how do you help hurting students?  In his book, Help My Kids Are Hurting, Marv Penner offers 4 ways.  In fact, he uses the acronym LOVE to help explain them.

Fight the Dangerous “Younger Is Better” Trend

It’s frightening news.

It has been all over the internet this week, that the most sought after explicit pictures have the search term “teen.”  What’s worse is that the articles are saying that it has been this way for years. In many segments of society we are being fed the lie that “Younger is Better.” This is frightening for at least 3 reasons.

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There’s no student ministry or parenting topic we’re afraid to write about… even if it gets us in trouble. In the past year we’ve tackled same sex attraction, pornography, sexting, dating dangers, technology, discipleship and a list of other youth issues.

All the while, we’ve been trying to offer you quick relevant information 3 times a week. We always take your feedback seriously. It helps us to do the best we can for you. So when we looked back over the past year. Here are the articles that most of you looked at… they’re probably worth a second look! If you recently subscribed, you may want to check these out! #1 surprised us!!

You Can’t Know Everything but it’s Crucial that You Know This

They Did What?

I took 24 first year youth ministry students on a field trip today. We went to different churches and interviewed Youth and Young Adult pastors.  It was interesting on many different levels, but there was one common theme.

“They can’t teach you everything in college”

This statement was followed by crazy stories of situations that they found themselves in.  Something that they were not trained to handle in Bible College or Seminary.

I cant teach you everything, but I can teach you something.  Something so important that it will help you with every situation you come across.

Here are some of the situations that I have come across: