4 Surprising Things Likes Mean to Teens

Daniella: In my imagination, I see myself standing in front of a crowd, in front of thousands of people…

Teens share these same sentiments in a recent PBS Frontlines special, Generation Like, where Doug Rushkoff explores friends, follows and fame associated with the face book generation.

Maybe Likes matter little to you as an adult but according to these interviews Likes take on an entirely different meaning for teens in at least 4 surprising ways…

iPhone 6 Do Students Need it?

The new iPhone has come out. As expected there was a lot of fanfare and a ton of buzz.

I have had my current phone for just over 3 years. It is in rough shape.  So yes I have bought into the hype and I will be getting an iPhone 6.  In fact I am really excited.

Tonight when I was lying with each of my boys at bedtime, I pulled my phone out to check the baseball scores.  My one son asked me why I am always checking the scores.   Ouch!

How about you?  Are you glued to your phone?  I wish I was less so.

How about your students, are they glued to their phones?  I know, dumb question, of course they are.  I would agree, students are pretty obsessed with their phones and social media.

Important Starbucks Secrets

I am sitting here at Starbucks

…and yet another group of teens is lined up at the till ordering, chatting, flirting; feeling very much at home. At the long table, a grade 12 student seems to be studying for an exam. She seems fairly comfortable in this space, with her head phones, latte, and free Wi-Fi, as she pauses to text. As I am sitting here, I realize the teens own this space and I am wishing that they would feel this much at home at their youth group.

As I look around I can see why teens like it here and realize that there are ideas that we can steal for our youth ministries…