11 Strategic Steps to Build a Thriving Youth Ministry

Strategic thinking gets results.

You may have a vision or a dream for your group but can you see the steps to get there?

If you’re watching numbers tank and things aren’t working out the way you hoped, there may be a hole in your strategy. Here are strategic steps to build a thriving youth ministry.

The One Thing and Your Youth Ministry

I just read a very interesting book.

Even though it is not specifically about Youth Ministry I do think it would be a huge benefit to you.  In fact I think you should click here and buy it as soon as possible.  It is not a difficult or long read, but it is worth it.

It is called The One Thing.  When you open up the book, the first thing you will read is this Russian proverb;

“If you chase two rabbits you will not catch either one

This is really the message of the book.  The authors argue that if you want to have extraordinary results then you must focus. Here’s what you need to focus on… 


I have to make a decision pretty soon.

It is a a big decision.

I mean bigger than, what will I wear tomorrow?

In fact a BIG part of ministry and leading is making decisions and solving problems. You have to make decisions about;

  • which curriculum to use
  • which leaders to recruit
  • which leaders to part ways with
  • when to leave the church
  • if you are going to keep reading this blog

To make a good decision you need some ingredients. These 4 will help you get it right.