The Scarlett Letter –to Girls

I’m ugly. No one will ever love me..

Too often girls think this because they don’t have “the look.”

Sadly, some are resorting to dangerous diets and surgeries.  Others are lost in despair.

During adolescence and later in life, a girl’s self-esteem is tied mostly to their body image. That is why it’s  important to hear this relevant message from Scarlett Johansson and pass it on to teens…

How Sitcoms Impact Teen Values

If you can get ‘em laughing

You can sell ‘em anything

–old sales advice..

So What are they laughing at? And what are they buying?

Parents often think that if their children aren’t watching the really racy shows with nudity, swearing, and violence that they are doing okay.

What they may not be aware of is that the consensus on values in these shows has an impact on a student’s values. As teens spend more time with these comedies than with bible reading and church combined, they begin to assume that values presented are not that bad or “pretty normal.” Biblical values seem unfounded and foreign to their experience in comparison.

It is not just seeing something once that does this. It is the consistency across shows and networks. It is the constant repetition of these same themes again and again  that leaves the impression that “everybody thinks like this!” A student’s worldview is shaped more by popular culture than it is based on scripture.

Here are a few common themes that shows normalize and teens accept.