3 Things to Pursue… Instead of Adventure

They weren’t Looking for adventure…

…but as they pursued these 3 things adventure found them!

Whatever it was that motivated Jesus’ disciples, I doubt it was a thirst for thrills. Peter actually told Jesus to get away from him at first. The others were called and then called others to follow him. None of them give any indication that they were adrenaline junkies looking for the “next big thing.” In fact, I think if you look at this more closely, these are the things we should be using to inspire young people instead of thrills.

4 Things Donald Trump Can Teach Youth Workers

I don’t get super involved in politics.  I don’t follow all of the political coming and goings.  In fact, I’m  Canadian, so I’m as unpolitically connected to the current American elections as I think is possible.

However, the race for nominations  has been entertaining.  And the most entertaining candidate has to be Donald Trump.  He is bigger than life and often his bigger than life mouth gets him in trouble.  But, as unreasonable as this sounds, I think we can learn from Donald Trump.

In fact, I see 4 things that Donald Trump can teach us youth workers.

Without This We’d Be Lost

There have been times where I have lost my way.

It’s a terrible feeling.

I begin to second guess everything. I don’t know which way is which and I could easily go in a bad direction. And, being a typical male, in some respects, I am too embarrassed to ask for directions.

When this happens I look for something certain; something that I know for sure I can trust. It is similar to finding ones way in life.

Here is what I try to explain to people when it comes to faith…hopefully this will help you to explain your faith to others…