Parents: Are these Secret Texting Acronyms on Your Teen’s Phone?

As you would suspect, texting teens have created secret additions to our language.

Some of them like, (LOL) or (IDK) (TTYL) we’re pretty familiar with. But did you know that IWSN” means “I want sex now” or that IPN is “I’m posting naked?” LH6 means “Let’s have sex” and WTTP stands for “Want to trade pictures?”

While some teens text these and say they were only joking (JK), others teasingly use them to see how far their “friend” will go when (99) “parents are gone.” They also hope that parents won’t have a clue about what’s going on (KPC).

A good start for us is knowing what these  mean. Discussing texting terms, if you see them, is an important conversation to have with your son or daughter.

Here are some of the acronyms that some teens use and a few thoughts concerning how to respond: