3 Secrets from Harry Potter World for Student Ministry

Distraction is a major problem but not at Universal Studios Harry Potter World.

In fact, Universal Studios uses these 3 powerful secrets to grab your attention and hold it. What are these secrets and how can we harness them to impact students’ lives!? Here’s what I discovered this week…

Flip Your Youth Room

“They don’t think we know anything,”

Jamie complained to me. It’s as if we are this empty cup and they want to “pour into us.” At high school I am doing human geography that my youth pastor doesn’t understand but when I get to youth they don’t even know where Assyria would be on the map today!”

One of the reasons that high school seniors are checked out is because things are just too simple for them. Here’s a strategy that educators are using in high schools and colleges to engage students in the teaching learning process. You’ll be amazed at the results

5 Powerful Ways to Teach without Talking

If you teach twice a month for 20 minutes you are not going to affect much life change. If you recognize that learning by hearing is one of the poorest ways to get people to remember what you have taught then you may want to look at other ways to get your point across. And if you consider that beside Jesus’ excellent teaching he used other very powerful teaching methods you may want to put some of these 5 powerful teaching methods in place this fall.

5 Proven Strategies to Help Students Learn

I don’t get it…

..a youth worker complained to me. “As soon as I start speaking, I see the students tune out. It’s like they’re so used to screen time and fast forwarding through the speaking parts on Netflix, that they can’t track with me for 2 minutes!”

Have you ever felt this? What do you do to get teens’ attention? Here are a few proven ways to get and hold a student’s attention long enough so they can actually learn something.

3 Simple Guidelines to Maximize Curriculum Impact


I remember yelling this to our youth leadership team one time when we were meeting.  Everyone was frustrated with the small group curriculum that we were using.

There seems to be almost a limitless amount of curriculum on the market. You would think that some of it would be good. Probably a more accurate statement would be that there’s no perfect curriculum.

In fact it has nothing to do with the curriculum, we are the problem.