This Will Get Students Talking

It drove me crazy that students didn’t know how to open up or listen to each other.

I looked around all over the place for some kind of cards, game, or activity that would achieve this. Eventually, I decided I’d have to develop it myself. Here’s what I came up with and a free copy for you to download, copy, cut and use.

iPhone 6 Do Students Need it?

The new iPhone has come out. As expected there was a lot of fanfare and a ton of buzz.

I have had my current phone for just over 3 years. It is in rough shape.  So yes I have bought into the hype and I will be getting an iPhone 6.  In fact I am really excited.

Tonight when I was lying with each of my boys at bedtime, I pulled my phone out to check the baseball scores.  My one son asked me why I am always checking the scores.   Ouch!

How about you?  Are you glued to your phone?  I wish I was less so.

How about your students, are they glued to their phones?  I know, dumb question, of course they are.  I would agree, students are pretty obsessed with their phones and social media.