How will Canadian Marijuana Legalization Affect Teens

Canada wants to legalize marijuana by Canada Day (July 1) next year. I won’t be something I’ll be celebrating considering how teens will be affected. The goal is to tax, restrict and monitor the sale of the product. The government feels that this ending of prohibition will be safe and effective. They believe that it will keep marijuana out of the hands of minors. What do you think?

Let’s compare it to the legal substance, alcohol. What are the results of legalized alcohol? How well is the government keeping this out of the hands of under age students?

Show Your Students Young Adults Who Still Believe

Not every young adult has abandoned their faith.

Students need to know that the church isn’t just for those 20 somethings who have nothing going on in their life. This short video let’s students hear firsthand from young adults why they believe.

Here’s the video and three quick reasons why you want your students to interact with godly young adults:

Sex: Too Big or too Little a Deal?

If you work with students the topic of sex is bound to come up. 

Doug Fields has a joke where he says students want to know about sex and end times and if you can have sex during the end times.

The question I often get is, “What’s the big deal about sex?”  Do we make too big of a deal about it or do we not make enough of a deal about sex? Here’s what I think…

Duffy Robbins’ 7 Tools to Help Students Grow Spiritually

I just finished reading a great youth ministry book by Duffy Robbins.

It is called “Building a Youth Ministry That Builds Disciples.”

I have to make a disclaimer right off the top, I am a fan of Duffy Robbins.  I like how he sees youth ministry and his focus on making disciples.

In the second section of the book he talks about building a faith that lasts in students. Here’s what he says…

Helping SAD Students: Stressed, Anxious, and Depressed

Now here’s a cheery topic, –not!

But if you are working with students, one of your goals is to help the growing number  with anxiety.

Recent studies show that anxiety is increasing for students especially females. A new study looked at 19 other studies conducted across 12 countries. It found “an increase in anxiety and depression in teenagers across Northern Europe, the UK and China. The number of older adolescent girls suffering from mental health problems was double that of boys.” Similar studies in the US and Canada show that this is the most stressed generation since the 1930’s!

Why is this happening and what can we do about it!?