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You have no clue what your students think about the youth ministry!

Oh sure, they say nice things to your face when you ask them.  They might even give you a few suggestions if you ask.  However, do you know what they really think?

Is there a way to lift open that student’s mind and find out what they think is awesome, ridiculous, embarrassing, or just lame.

4 Ways to Break Up Cliques


My older sister went to our church’s youth ministry but it didn’t last long.  In fact after only lasting a short time she decided to never go back.  The simple reason was that the group of girls in her age bracket were a clique and there was no way she was going to get into that group.  Dealing with cliques in your youth ministry is one of the most important issues you can address to make sure students want to come back.

The Six Key Conditions for Health and Growth

Okay, now might not be the best growing season where you live but I know that with the correct conditions any youth group can begin to experience better health and growth even now. Just the same way that living things need warmth, water, sunlight, and nutrients youth groups require some essential elements to thrive. Without these elements or if your group is deficient in one of these areas, your students are not going to grow as they should. So what are these six key conditions?