5 Reasons Why I Still Believe in Youth Ministry

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There are some leaders who blame successful youth ministries for the exodus of young adults from the church. I disagree. Other leaders suggest that shutting down youth ministries would help students stay longer in church. I don’t think this is the way to go. In fact, here are 5 reasons why every church needs a healthy youth ministry.

4 Lessons from my Retreat Disaster

It’s a youth pastor’s nightmare.

Your retreat speaker cancels at the last minute and despite your own bronchitis, you still have to be the speaker and worship leader. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy and yet… there I was. This was just one of the things that went terribly wrong on my first retreat…

4 Ways to Move Students Forward in their Faith

I’m in Maui this week fighting with the waves on the beach. (tough job but somebody has to do it!) I got thinking about students who seem to make some progress and like caught in the under tow, get pulled to sea. Instead of progressing some students get worse with age until they finally abandon their faith.

On the other hand there are those. that although they may be pummeled by the same waves of culture and academic expectations, they manage to rise above them and move on with their faith. For many of these students it was because they had a great family and great coach helping them to get up and move on. Here are 4 ways they help move students forward in their faith: 


Guest Blog by Dr. Cory Seibel 

We don’t often have guest blogs at Youth Ministry Unleashed but I thought it was really important to introduce you to Dr. Corey Seibel and the passionate work that he’s doing. Here he provides 3 compelling reasons for making cross-generational connections. 

These 2 Evaluation Tools are Worth Your Time

I’m constantly being evaluated by my students.

It could seem threatening but it keeps me improving. I’m also constantly evaluating the Youth Ministry Institute that I co-lead with Tyson Howells. We’re regularly looking for new ways to make our program better.

Sometimes we evaluate student ministries to help them be the best that they can be. Here are 2 consulting tools that I like to use with groups. I hope you find them helpful. 

3 Ways to Win the Social Media War

They’re everywhere.

In fact you are probably using one to read this blog.  Smartphones.  They’re the gateway to social media that make it available 24/7.  In fact you might have found your way to this blog through one of our social media avenues of Twitter or Facebook.

Last week I wrote about a study on teenagers use of social media and shared 4 key findings.  This is blog is about the “SO WHAT” question.  Now that we know this data, what do we do?

Here are three ways you can win the social media war.

2 Vital Questions to Measure Your Success

I think a lot about success.

I want to succeed in ministry.  That might sound arrogant but I don’t think it is.  Isn’t it a good thing to want to do the best possible job with what God has given us?.

My guess is when we talk success you are thinking about one question.

“How big is your ministry?”

…or it might be a variation of that question.

“Is you ministry growing?”

I want to be clear and honest.  These questions suck!  They force us to do ministry based on getting students into the building.  It might happen subtly, but if your question is based on numbers then numbers is what you will go after.

I think there are two better questions that we have to ask.