The Bullied Youth Worker

Are you being bullied ? 

We are very concerned when a student is being bullied but would we notice if it was happening to us? As I hear stories from my students who have gone into youth ministry in the past 23 years, some have left because they felt bullied and were unprotected. Here are some of the ways that you may experience bullying in youth ministry and what you can do about it.

What Should a Senior Pastor Say at a Youth Retreat?

Guest Blog By Bob Jones North Pointe Community Church

“Pastor, would you speak at our youth retreat?”

My quick response surprised Jeremy, our youth pastor, not just because I seldom respond quickly but because it was an enthusiastic one. And it was heartfelt. There was no need to pray, think, ponder or mull over this decision.


When I preach on Sundays there are youth in the crowd. But at a retreat there would ONLY be youth in the crowd and at this particular retreat, a record high number of youth.

What an opportunity. I would be one of, if not THE oldest speakers ever at a youth retreat for our church.

So what should a senior pastor say at a youth retreat?