Parent’s Meeting on Social Media

Here’s my outline for a parents meeting that I am doing on Friday night. I thought you may want to run a similar session for parents in your area. Use some or all of this. Make sure that you provide plenty of time for parents to interact with each other and to ask questions. Here’s the the outline and a power point you can download. 

What Every Parent Should Know about Social Media

What’s Going On?!

This week I had the privilege of spending an evening with parents and pastors, presenting what is going on in the world of social media. I wish you could have been there! I guess the next best thing would be receiving my notes from the session so here 4 of the highlights and a link to download my notes.

#BEINGTHIRTEEN -3 Dangers of Lurking

The Special CNN report aired last night.

It highlighted the dangers of social media for 13 year olds.
Their parents had no idea! Sixty percent of parents underestimated how lonely, worried and depressed their kids were and 94% underestimated the amount of fighting that happens on social media.Here are 3 dangers that you should be aware of:

#Being13 Inside the Secret World of Teens

A 2 year CNN  ground breaking study of Tweens and Social Media investigates:

  • Are tweens addicted to their phones?
  • How does social media intensify the emotional roller coaster ride of Junior High?
  • And most importantly, how is plugging in changing growing up?

Here are 7 answers you will get in this special report

Consequences of Constant Connection

24% of Teens age 13-17

are almost constantly on line, says a new Pew Study on teens social media and technology. The constantly connected teens seem fairly normal, though. Maybe they’re a little more moody, distracted and less sociable but what are some of the real consequences of this behavior and what can we do about it?

2 Common and 1 Helpful Approach to Social Media

So is it good, bad or neither?

You must have thought about it.  Your students are on it all of the time.  Their phones are their most prized possession.

Really though it seems that their phones are just a tool to access social media.  If you don’t believe me take a look at these very interesting statistics. 

3 Ways to Win the Social Media War

They’re everywhere.

In fact you are probably using one to read this blog.  Smartphones.  They’re the gateway to social media that make it available 24/7.  In fact you might have found your way to this blog through one of our social media avenues of Twitter or Facebook.

Last week I wrote about a study on teenagers use of social media and shared 4 key findings.  This is blog is about the “SO WHAT” question.  Now that we know this data, what do we do?

Here are three ways you can win the social media war.