Parents: Are these Secret Texting Acronyms on Your Teen’s Phone?

As you would suspect, texting teens have created secret additions to our language.

Some of them like, (LOL) or (IDK) (TTYL) we’re pretty familiar with. But did you know that IWSN” means “I want sex now” or that IPN is “I’m posting naked?” LH6 means “Let’s have sex” and WTTP stands for “Want to trade pictures?”

While some teens text these and say they were only joking (JK), others teasingly use them to see how far their “friend” will go when (99) “parents are gone.” They also hope that parents won’t have a clue about what’s going on (KPC).

A good start for us is knowing what these  mean. Discussing texting terms, if you see them, is an important conversation to have with your son or daughter.

Here are some of the acronyms that some teens use and a few thoughts concerning how to respond:

3 Sexting Dangers You Need to Discuss with Your Students

We were on a Youth Ministry Institute retreat. A female college student came to me in tears. One of her small group students had been caught by her mom taking a video of herself in the shower. Everyone was shocked. No one saw that one coming. The video was sent. There was no way to get it back before it went through the high school.

That was a few years back. It was the same time that the Pew institute released these stats.

  • 39% of teenagers say they have sexted
  • 51% female teens admit they feel pressure to sext photos of themselves
  • 4% of teens who own smart phones ages 12 to 17 say they sexted a sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude image or video of themselves to someone via text message
  • 15% of teens say they have been sent sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images or videos of someone they know in a text messaging on their phone

Some parents, youth pastors and para church workers were under the mistaken impression that this had gone away. They thought it wasn’t a problem for their kids. They were wrong.