4 Lessons from my Retreat Disaster

It’s a youth pastor’s nightmare.

Your retreat speaker cancels at the last minute and despite your own bronchitis, you still have to be the speaker and worship leader. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy and yet… there I was. This was just one of the things that went terribly wrong on my first retreat…

5 Ways to Build a Better Retreat and Retreat Planner

Nothing changes teens’ lives

like retreats and extended times away together. A group survey of 1000 teens and many other studies proved that pretty conclusively. But not all retreats are created equally. It’s possible to maximize the impact of a weekend with a few intentional enhancements. Here are 5 ideas that really work:

3 Small Things That Make Big Differences at Retreats


I recently spoke at a weekend youth retreat for Gospel Centre and I was again reminded of the importance of retreats in the rhythm of the youth calendar. However, just because they are important doesn’t mean that we always make the most of these opportunities.

The problem is that we see the importance so we try to do big radical things to get the most out of the weekend.  The results are often scattered.  What would happen if there were three small things we could do that would have a big impact?

Here are three of those small things you can do at your next retreat.