5 Proven Strategies to Help Students Learn

I don’t get it…

..a youth worker complained to me. “As soon as I start speaking, I see the students tune out. It’s like they’re so used to screen time and fast forwarding through the speaking parts on Netflix, that they can’t track with me for 2 minutes!”

Have you ever felt this? What do you do to get teens’ attention? Here are a few proven ways to get and hold a student’s attention long enough so they can actually learn something.

10 Simple Steps to Deliver a Powerful 5 Minute Devotional

They’re looking at you…

–But only for 5 minutes. How can you say something brief, meaningful yet powerful? This is a skill that seasoned youth workers have finely tuned. Let me share 10 simple steps from Ken Davis (best selling author of How to Speak to Youth and keep them awake at the same time) that will take your talks from okay to exceptional!