Get Unstuck in Your Devotions

It is going to happen.

You’re going to get stuck with your devotions. You will feel that it has become a meaningless ritual and you’d rather not do them. At the same time you know that this is the source of your life and ministry. How can you get unstuck and find vitality in them? These ideas have worked for me when I had given up on devotions or was just going through the motions.

4 Ideas to Create an Atmosphere of Experience

Students are spending their money (and they have a lot of it) more on experiences than on possessions.  This is what I read recently in an article on the website.

I know, fascinating, but what does this have to with youth ministry?

I think a lot actually.  In fact this simple piece of information, experience over possession should be shaping how you do ministry. 

Help Students PRAY -Infographic

Considering the chaos in our world, I feel like I need to pray more effectively

I keep telling myself that when I work, I work, but when I pray, God works. I have the right slogans and read the right books. What I really need is to get down to it.

Here’s something that I developed years back. My friend Chris, who runs EGAD Ideas took my graphic and fixed it up for you. Already it has helped tons of parents and teens pray more effectively