20 Tips I wish I could have given parents of teens before their kids were 4

I’ve never had the chance to share with parents of young children

until this weekend but I’ve wanted to for the past 30 years! Why? Because often the difficulties that parents are having with their teens could be less difficult if a proper foundation for the relationship was established in the early years…Here are 20 things I always wanted to share with parents…

How to Set the Right Consequences

Setting the right consequences…

is complicated but extremely important. I have to admit that I have made mistakes in this area but I always  want to keep trying to get it right. 
Consider these situations…

Karl (16) drove drunk through the garage door

  1. does he lose all car privileges
  2. does he pay for repairs to the car and the door
  3. is he grounded for a month
  4. all of the above

Karli (16) is texting her boyfriend at 3 AM.
Which is the right response?

  1. she loses her phone for a week
  2. her smart phone plan is ended immediately
  3. she loses the privilege of having the phone in her room after bed time

Here is what the parenting experts and counselors suggest…

8 Strategies to Deal with Defiance

This kid is driving me crazy!

…Sometimes I just want to give up! I’m so tired of fighting all the time.

I’ve heard this complaint from parents dozens of times. They feel overwhelmed –like they are constantly at war with their teen. Even the terrible two’s seem like a picnic compared to the to terrible teens. There’s nothing positive about their relationship with this difficult young person. They’re afraid of where this will lead.

It’s worst when the teen is directly disobedient and in-your-face defiant. A few examples:

  • “No I won’t turn off my phone and you can’t have it.”
  • “I’m not tired I’m not going to bed.”
  • “Church? I went last week! I’m sleeping in today.”
  • “I’m not studying now. I want to finish this season of the Walking Dead!”
  • “I’m going out with my friends. I don’t care what you say!”

These disrespectful challenges hurt and can cause us to react with anger. There are better ways to respond.

Best selling author and blogger for About.com Amy Morin has some excellent strategies for dealing with outright defiance. 

4 Parenting Teens Podcasts for You

Podcasts are Great!

You can find teen trends, youth culture, parenting tips, and encouragement on podcasts. You just have to know where to look. Next you need to subscribe and listen while you do other things.

Lately I have tried podcasts and I’ve been impressed by how quick and convenient the content can be! The other nice thing is that it is so much more helpful than talk radio, or listening to music. Since all of the podcasts come directly to my phone I can listen to them when I am walking, driving to work, or cutting the grass.

Some of my friends have traded in reading blogs for podcasts because they require less effort and cover a lot of great ideas in a very short amount of time. Here are 4 for parenting teens.

Expert’s Tips for Making Dating Rules for Teens

Every parent wants their teen to avoid damaging dating disasters.

In fact 70% of parents are “somewhat concerned” or “very concerned” about their teen being involved sexually. They have good reason to be concerned considering some of the poor choices teens make when they believe that they are “in love.” Parents are concerned about infections and pregnancy, but they are also concerned about dating abuse, sexting, heartbreak and depression..

Parenting expert Amy Morin has excellent tips that you will find helpful. I will throw in my two cents as well.