4 Things Donald Trump Can Teach Youth Workers

I don’t get super involved in politics.  I don’t follow all of the political coming and goings.  In fact, I’m  Canadian, so I’m as unpolitically connected to the current American elections as I think is possible.

However, the race for nominations  has been entertaining.  And the most entertaining candidate has to be Donald Trump.  He is bigger than life and often his bigger than life mouth gets him in trouble.  But, as unreasonable as this sounds, I think we can learn from Donald Trump.

In fact, I see 4 things that Donald Trump can teach us youth workers.

Shaping Your Ministry the Marvel Comics Way

Marvel Comics is a money making machine.

Their characters are in some of the highest grossing movies of all time.  You could buy anything from bed sheets to underwear with a Spider-Man or Hulk character on them!

Believe it or not the origin of Marvel Comics is not as glamorous as one might think. It provides us with some crucial lessons we should all learn.