JOY! 3 Ways to Help Students Experience it!


“I felt warm in my heart and so happy tonight when that student was sharing with me! It felt like I was doing the right thing! It felt so good!”

I was thrilled too as my daughter shared with me after youth night. My heart was also filled with joy!! I wished every parent, student and leader could feel this overwhelming sense of pure joy! Here are three ways that I believe we can help students experience JOY!

Amazing Moms’ 2 Secrets for Loving Teens

Mom’s perform heroics in the teen years.

The crazy thing is, so often they wonder if they are doing anything right. Questions like “how tightly should I hold the apron strings, or am I more like a friend now or mentor”, sometimes plague their minds. And then there is the wrestling with fears as their over-sized, fashion conscious toddlers dash out the door or get behind the wheel!

Let’s face it, Moms are pretty spectacular but the two most important secrets we can learn from moms of teens, are ones that we all should hang on to for life!