Dangerous Comparisons: Finding peace in who you are and what you do without becoming complacent.

I felt defeated

A few weeks ago I found myself dissatisfied with my life in a bad way.

Maybe it had something to do with joining twitter and seeing so many popular leaders with thousands of followers. I saw authors and speakers who looked great and commanded the respect of others in youth ministry. In so many ways it seemed as though they were at the top of their profession! They had it made and I was envious.

I had to step away from my lap top for a moment and do some soul searching about the envy that was building in my heart. “Wow, where did that come from?” I said out loud. “I thought I dealt with that years ago!” Quickly I had to readjust my attitude by focusing on some of the most important lessons I have learned about life and ministry. Here are some things that I had to tell myself…

How To Bring Control To A Chaotic Situation

Nothing good comes from chaos…

As I said in my last blog there was a season when we saw many new students come to the youth ministry.  The immediate reaction was “Great!”  Don’t get me wrong, it was great but it was also extremely chaotic.

Imagine walking around your youth ministry and instead of students praying or encouraging each other you hear F-bombs – also finding remnants of weed in the bathroom, and alcohol being sneaked in.  In short it was chaos.  This is not what I envisioned youth ministry to be like and I was not trained to deal with all of this.  As a result I learned these lessons through the school of hard knocks.

For whatever reason, if your youth ministry is chaotic how do you bring control without losing all of the students.  These three lessons were learned the hard way but I think they could benefit you.

How Not to Make a Bad Decision

You’re two bad decisions from disaster…

At Vanguard College where I work we had a guest speaker come and do some training for the staff and faculty.  The one line this guest used that gets quoted by my president often is that, “we are only two bad decisions from closing our doors!”

You may not think that two bad decisions are not going to shut down your youth ministry but they may cost you your job at worst and at the least, your creditability will take a hit.  The key is that too often we make emotional decisions or decisions from the gut. Sometimes this works but often it does not.

The key to making a good decision is that it must be an educated one.  I have a view that for every decision that needs to be made there are at least a thousand options. The key is to look at as many of the options as you can, choose the best option, and then move on.

Here are three simple steps to making an educated decision.