4 Strategies for Managing Expectations

“What do these people want from me!?”

I complained to God.

Parents wanted me to fix their kids. The students wanted the “funnest youth ministry in the city.” My pastor wanted me at the church from early morning prayer at 6 Am to 4 pm in the afternoon (7 am on Saturdays) I had assignments to complete for the seminary, and I was losing touch with my family. I found myself saying too frequently, “I hate my life.”

I looked at a bunch of books on burnout and life management. Finally, I discovered this remarkable strategy for dealing with expectations. I hope that you, or someone you know, will find it helpful too!

5 Things Your Volunteers Need From You

What do you want from me?!!

Lina yelled at  me. She had every right. I wanted her to organize all of the youth resources but I gave her no training or instructions. No wonder she was fed up. Getting yelled at by someone who had been so eager to help, made me learn that I needed to change. Here’s a list of 5 things I learned that my leaders need from me.

Free Test: Unleash Your Personality Potential

The greatest speakers I know are introverts.

They are very comfortable being by themselves. What is remarkable is that they have learned how to make their personality profile work for them in public. Are you making the most of how God has formed you? Here’s a 10 minute test and 5 strategies to help you make the most of your personality type!

3 Ways to Build a Great Volunteer Team

What I saw this weekend was incredible! 

I spoke at a youth ministry this past weekend.   This particular group has been without a youth pastor for 5 months.  Yet when I was there the group was not just surviving, I would say they were thriving.

How could a group thrive with no youth pastor for so long?

Leadership!  To be more specific, the volunteer leadership was amazing.  I saw 6 or 7 different people leading the different aspects of the night.  The former youth pastor did a fantastic job of not building the youth ministry around him but around the team.

So here are 3 ways that you can build a great team.

1 Great Leadership Lesson the NFL Taught Me

I went to the Vikings game in Minnesota on the weekend.

It was a great game but they lost to the Packers.

I’m a Vikings fan.  Yes it is painful being a fan of a bad team but there is always hope for next year…right?

During the month of November the NFL has been celebrating something they call Salute to Service.  The purpose of this program is for the NFL to honor and support U.S. service members and veterans.

That is the great leadership lesson the NFL taught me…

Are You Superman or the Joker?

You are more powerful than you think.

I know, you say you work with youth.  There are far more powerful people in your church.  In fact if you were the senior pastor then you would have real power.  Maybe some days you fantasize about being a senior pastor and giving the youth the focus that they deserve.

But then you wake up from your day dream and are reminded that you work with students. You are not the senior pastor.