The Definitive List of Volunteer Expectations

Adult Volunteers!!  We need ’em!

For any student ministry to be effective having dedicated and quality adult volunteers is essential.  They are there when a youth pastor begins at a student ministry and they are there when the youth pastor leaves.  Adult volunteers or leaders are the backbone of any successful youth ministry. Here’s almost everything you need to know about their roles and expectations…

Invest Your Time These 2 Places to Make a Bigger Difference

I was frustrated.

I felt that when I put my feet up, youth ministry ground to a halt in my church. It seemed that if I wasn’t working, students were slipping into old patterns of behavior. I felt like the only one paddling the canoe upstream. If I didn’t paddle like mad, the boat was floating backwards over the falls.

I wish I was exaggerating. It’s exactly how I felt. Like all the leadership books say, I didn’t need to work harder. I needed to work smarter. I needed to get a whole crew paddling!

If you have 3 or 50 hours to give to youth each week, this is how to make the most of every minute.