Mind the Gap: 6 Ideas to Do Transition Better

We lose people in transition.

One third will never make the jump from the children’s ministry to the junior high or worse, high school youth group. We lose another third from senior high to young adults. What heart breaking losses. –Heart breaking to the parents and to the church… and the students, although they may not feel it right away.

Not every group is experiencing severe losses. Here are five big ideas they put in action…

2 Keys to Ministering to Jr. Highs

One of the most difficult, rewarding, awkward and frustrating ages to work with is the 11 to 14 year old.  Some of you love working with them and some of you find it very difficult.

Sometimes it feels like every annoying thing that could happen, happens when you are working with a Jr. High student.  I want to encourage you to not become frustrated.

In fact you can thrive with this age bracket if you just understand one key point.

6 Challenges to Starting a Jr. High Ministry

So, you’re thinking about starting a Jr. High Ministry. Excellent! 

There are lots of reasons for separating junior high students from senior high students.

Their interests and abilities differ greatly. The kind of programs you can run when you separate them can be really well targeted to their age levels. It can be easier to do outreach when your group is closer in age. Some parents may prefer that their 12 year old daughter isn’t playing twister with a bearded 17 year old!

It seems like a no-brainer to divide these distinct age groups if you have enough students and leaders…But before you announce that you are going  to separate your groups in the fall, you will need to have a response for these 6 challenges…