Michael Hyatt’s Trick to Dramatically Improve Your Life

Stuck? Need a change? Try this!

New York Times best selling author, Michael Hyatt, has a simple but powerful solution that anyone can use to dramatically improve their life.

To be honest I was pretty skeptical at first. But as I read his trick and started using it, it made a big difference in my emotions, my outlook and my day!

Here’s what he suggests…

2 Vital Questions to Measure Your Success

I think a lot about success.

I want to succeed in ministry.  That might sound arrogant but I don’t think it is.  Isn’t it a good thing to want to do the best possible job with what God has given us?.

My guess is when we talk success you are thinking about one question.

“How big is your ministry?”

…or it might be a variation of that question.

“Is you ministry growing?”

I want to be clear and honest.  These questions suck!  They force us to do ministry based on getting students into the building.  It might happen subtly, but if your question is based on numbers then numbers is what you will go after.

I think there are two better questions that we have to ask.