What A HUGE Mistake!  Six Lessons I Learned From it.

What a huge mistake!

I moved to my new office at Vanguard College recently. My daughter and I were decorating it with all my Coca Cola memorabilia. I‘ve been collecting Coke items for years.  I have bottles and cans from all over the world and from different eras.  One of the cans in my collection is a can of original Coke, before Coca Cola made one of the biggest mistakes in it’s history. 

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Face Failure

When Alex put the family car through the garage door

he considered running away…he was blown away by his dad’s reaction

Life isn’t always gentle or kind to emerging adults.

In the early years we praised our child’s first steps and most minor achievements after that. In general no one yelled at our kids except us …unless it was an excited coach.

All of that changes when they go to college or enter the work force. Many of their dreams are destroyed by the realities of the adult world. How late adolescents cope with this kind of defeat will determine how well they will adjust to this in later stages of life.

Here are 3 effective ways to help prepare teen to face failure.