4 Ways to Move Students Forward in their Faith

I’m in Maui this week fighting with the waves on the beach. (tough job but somebody has to do it!) I got thinking about students who seem to make some progress and like caught in the under tow, get pulled to sea. Instead of progressing some students get worse with age until they finally abandon their faith.

On the other hand there are those. that although they may be pummeled by the same waves of culture and academic expectations, they manage to rise above them and move on with their faith. For many of these students it was because they had a great family and great coach helping them to get up and move on. Here are 4 ways they help move students forward in their faith: 

An Amazing Resource To Help You Accomplish Your Goals

This time of year is all about resolutions and goals.

So I have to ask, What are your youth ministry goals this year?

I hope that you have some goals over wise you are in store for a frustrating year.  You have heard the old adage, “if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.”

Your goals could be;

  • Starting a new program
  • How about connecting with a certain amount of students each week
  • Seeing yourself or students more engaged in spiritual disciplines
  • Doing a better job with followup

There really are countless goals that you could have, they key is seeing them completed.  This is where so many people fail.  I have for you two practical pieces of advice and one amazing resource to help you accomplish your goals this time.