The Best Game for Fall 2017

If your group isn’t already playing this they’re missing out.

Dozens of students line up for their turn. Leaders want to get in on the act. Some stick around just to play after the students are gone. Nine Square isn’t new but if your students aren’t playing it they are missing out. The game practically runs itself and if you can get the pieces, its pretty easy to put together. You can have it up and running in no time.

Here are the rules and instructions!

3 Guaranteed Ways To Make Games Fun Again

It’s a youth ministry staple.

We all do it  –Almost weekly.
You’d think we’d  have it down pat by now.  Unfortunately it is a problem for veteran youth workers and rookies alike.
We often fail at choosing and leading games!

  • I am not quite sure why…
    • Do we not put enough effort into it?
    • Is it because games are not spiritual so it is a low priority?
    • Do we think we can “wing it” with games and it will still work?

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you work with students.  Chances are you run games with these students.  And I hope you want them to be effective and good.

Well, here are 3 ways guaranteed to make it happen.

Five Summer Fun Ideas to Strengthen Family Ties

I’m not a fun dad.

If I fail as a parent, it’s by not creating enough fun for my family.

I feel bad about this because I know that fun is crucial to

  • Keep communication flowing
  • Building credit for dealing with discipline issues
  • Keeping teens happy
  • Helping them sleep better at night
  • Helping them to have a more positive outlook on life
  • And build warm memories about family

This week we have my 14 year old nephew staying with us. So we’re trying to make some more fun experiences without going away for the week. Here are some of the things the experts say we should do and some ideas we have come up with ourselves. Not all of them cost a lot…

3 Ways To Create Fun Without Being Shallow

The first time I watched the movie Dumb and Dumber I didn’t laugh.

I just didn’t find it funny.  Most of you right now think I am the most unqualified person to talk about fun.  You might be right.

If it is any consolation, I laughed the second, third and fourth time I watched the movie.

We all know that youth ministry is better when there is an element of fun to it.  Students want to have fun.  Even adults want to have fun.  I do not think there is a long line up of people who want to be bored.

So with your limited non-Hollywood budget how are some ways you can create fun without being shallow?

The Three Top Go To Sites for Icebreakers, Games and Activities

It’s Friday afternoon and you are in charge of the games for the evening. Everyone is counting on you for that perfect mixer to add light and life to the event. It’s the activity that will get kids meeting and greeting setting the stage for all that will transpire that evening…No Pressure! But don’t sweat the small stuff! Here are the top 3 go to sites where youth workers and pastors are getting the best stuff