3 Family Do-Overs

I live with regrets.

Most people who know me see me as a committed Dad. But I have to admit there are some things that if I could, I would do differently and I am trying to now. Are you doing any of these things? (What about #3?)

 1. Work Less

I have always brought work home in the evening. One reason is because I have always tried to be home at 3 when my girls got in the door. Leaving to be home by three meant getting at least another 2 hours done in the evening.

3 New Years Activities for the Family

I was at the mall this Christmas Eve.

Crowds of people, mostly men were buying their last minute gifts.  As I write this, our family is just wrapping up our Christmas traditions and we’re starting to think about New Years.

How about you?  You have given and received gifts.  You have probably eaten a little too much and I hope you have had some time with family.  But what will the New Year look like for you?

As the New Year approaches here are 3 things that your family can maybe work on.