3 Things to Pursue… Instead of Adventure

They weren’t Looking for adventure…

…but as they pursued these 3 things adventure found them!

Whatever it was that motivated Jesus’ disciples, I doubt it was a thirst for thrills. Peter actually told Jesus to get away from him at first. The others were called and then called others to follow him. None of them give any indication that they were adrenaline junkies looking for the “next big thing.” In fact, I think if you look at this more closely, these are the things we should be using to inspire young people instead of thrills.

2 Amazing Faith Shaping Skills

How are your faith shaping skills?

What I am asking is how do you move a student from uncertainty and doubt to commitment and dedication. Stephen Jones’ helpful book “faith shaping” describes 2 excellent skills that all of us who parent or work with teens can use to help students on their journey to faith…