5 Powerful Ways to Teach without Talking

If you teach twice a month for 20 minutes you are not going to affect much life change. If you recognize that learning by hearing is one of the poorest ways to get people to remember what you have taught then you may want to look at other ways to get your point across. And if you consider that beside Jesus’ excellent teaching he used other very powerful teaching methods you may want to put some of these 5 powerful teaching methods in place this fall.

4 Ideas to Create an Atmosphere of Experience

Students are spending their money (and they have a lot of it) more on experiences than on possessions.  This is what I read recently in an article on the HomeWord.com website.

I know, fascinating, but what does this have to with youth ministry?

I think a lot actually.  In fact this simple piece of information, experience over possession should be shaping how you do ministry. 

5 Life Changing Ways to use Experience in Youth Ministry

I am in New York City with 20 students this week on a missions trip

I love NYC, it is a great city.  However, this has been a great trip but the city has very little to do with it.

Experience is what matters. There is something powerful about experiencing God.

We Youth Workers have the habit of talking way to much.  We talk during our sermons.  We talk during small groups.  We talk during lunches and cokes with students.  We feel we have to be instructing (a fancy word for talking) students all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with talking.  The problem is when that is all that you do.  Students need to also experience what you talk about.

Here are five life changing ways that you can help students experience God.