What To Do When a Student Shouts “Shut the &^%@ Up!”

It was chaotic and exciting all at the same time.

It was a season in our youth ministry when we were having lots of non-Christian students come.  This is great but it is also messy.

Imagine 60% of your students sitting near the front wanting to engage with the worship or at least be able to hear what was being said on the stage.

Now the other 40% are sitting in the back of the room, turning their chairs in circles and talking loudly.  It was chaotic, loud, and not that productive.  I should expected what happened next…

One-on-One Discipleship

 You mean Coaching?

One of the big buzz words among church people these days is coaching. By “coaching” what is meant, is that you find a caring person who will challenge you to grow in areas of your life. There is an element of coaching involved as that person helps you to set goals then keeps you accountable to reaching those goals. At the Youth Ministry Institute, we take this so seriously that every student does One-on-Ones with a prof.