Why Deklin Can’t Decide and What You Can Do About It

He seemed zombie-like;
Deklin was paralyzed in thought or…
…maybe not?

He appeared like he had experienced a complete shut down.

He was more with it when I taught him in Sunday school. When did he experience catastrophic brain injury?
Strangely, Kyle is not unique. In fact, his condition seems epidemic. No wonder MacDonalds has created combos that need no words… just numbers.

Here’s what MacDonalds knows about Deklin and his friends..

Physical, Sexual, Mental, Emotional, Social Empathy Experience

Do you remember what it felt like to go through puberty?

Maybe you want to forget! This quick experience sheet will help you and your leaders relive and remember. And as you remember together, you and your leaders will not only develop greater empathy, you will be more able to relate.