3 Tips for Youth Workers Navigating Teen Pregnancy

I’ll never forget that weekend.

I was picking up a few students for our Friday night Youth Worship service.  That was when John* told me that Matt had gotten Lisa pregnant.  This was the last thing I thought we’d be talking about in my car on the way to youth.

I’m not sure if you’ve dealt with a teen pregnancy but it’s never easy.  In fact, it can often be a very messy and complicated situation.  You feel like you’re navigating through a minefield as you deal with the 2 students, parents, church, leadership and all of your youth.

This is by no means a manual that will answer all of your questions, but here are some tips to help you navigate the minefield.

4 Ways to Effectively Help Hurting Students

We all have them.

Unfortunately, we do not always know what to do with them.  I guarantee that your ministry is filled with hurting students.  They might hide it from you, but below the surface, they are hurting.

So how do you help hurting students?  In his book, Help My Kids Are Hurting, Marv Penner offers 4 ways.  In fact, he uses the acronym LOVE to help explain them.

A Suicidal Teen: What do you do? (and not do)

Let me tell you about one of my big regrets in youth ministry.

One of my small group leaders came up to me and told me a student kept bring up suicide.  I brushed this leader off and said it is not a big deal unless the student talks about going through with it.

For the next handful of weeks, this leader would come to me with concerns.  I kept not taking them seriously enough.  Finally, after weeks, we brought the parents in on the conversation.

It was clear that the parents were not impressed that they were not told about their student and suicide concerns immediately.

Suicide is a very real issue that you will have to deal with.  Let me give you some advice on what to do and not to do.

5 Attitudes to Have With Students Who Struggle With Sexual Identity

It’s a politically charged topic.

In fact, many churches don’t know how to handle it. If you haven’t encountered the issue yet, you will.

I’m sure you have already guessed what I am talking about. Let me ask you a question. What do you do when you have a student that is confused with their sexual identity?

Here are 5 attitudes to have.