Help Students PRAY -Infographic

Considering the chaos in our world, I feel like I need to pray more effectively

I keep telling myself that when I work, I work, but when I pray, God works. I have the right slogans and read the right books. What I really need is to get down to it.

Here’s something that I developed years back. My friend Chris, who runs EGAD Ideas took my graphic and fixed it up for you. Already it has helped tons of parents and teens pray more effectively

The 2 Things Students are Desperate to Get from You

I have struggled with my ego for years.

It was much worse when I first started off in Youth Ministry.  I wanted to be the Youth Pastor that everyone talked about.  I wanted the largest ministry with the slickest services.

I have now come to the place where I am convinced that students could careless how big the Youth Ministry is.  They can care less about how “cool it is either.

Don’t get me wrong, students care, just not about those things.  Yet this is what I spent SO much time on in the early years.

When I look at it now, students care deeply about these two things: