Study: Teen Brain Wired for Pleasure

Teen mice drank too much,

ate too much, and made poor choices in a study at Temple University.

Famous adolescence researcher, Laurence Steinberg’s team point out that the same reason mice behaved badly in this study, is the reason that teens make risky choices.

It is all about pleasure! Here is why and what we can do to help them from 10-25 years old.

2 Ways Understanding Puberty Changes How We Do Youth Ministry + Free Ebook

Johnny jumped on Danny.

The rest of the boys piled on. The girls looked on in disgust. We had just completed an intense and intimate prayer time. How could they behave this way?

Easy: that’s how early adolescent boys express their spirituality.

Understanding adolescent development changes how you look at things. Here are 2 game changing truths from adolescent development and a FREE E-BOOK showing how it affects your Ministry.

Raging Hormones and Other Puberty Myths

Teens Have Raging Hormones! –The speaker yelled out to a sea of nodding heads and knowing looks… but they were wrong.

In every error there has to be an element of truth to make it believable. And with some things, the harder that you try to disprove them, the more people believe the opposite.

The danger of perpetuating this myth is that it becomes a blanket approval for all kinds of behavior that isn’t moral or even healthy for development. The other downside to the myth is that places a negative label on students which lowers expectations and achievement.

By attributing almost everything to raging hormones, we also miss what is really going on in our son or daughter’s life. We can write every thing off as “raging hormones”

Please let me explain why I reject this popular misconception that teens are out of control because of “raging hormones.”