Broccoli and Chocolate: The Secret to Getting and Holding a Group’s Attention

The New York Times uses this secret.

I am not sure that youth ministries have a handle on it though. I didn’t get it for the longest time. Still, I am convinced that if we can master this approach to our speaking, activities, and events our results will improve. Here’s how it works…

3 New Years Activities for the Family

I was at the mall this Christmas Eve.

Crowds of people, mostly men were buying their last minute gifts.  As I write this, our family is just wrapping up our Christmas traditions and we’re starting to think about New Years.

How about you?  You have given and received gifts.  You have probably eaten a little too much and I hope you have had some time with family.  But what will the New Year look like for you?

As the New Year approaches here are 3 things that your family can maybe work on.

The Three Top Go To Sites for Icebreakers, Games and Activities

It’s Friday afternoon and you are in charge of the games for the evening. Everyone is counting on you for that perfect mixer to add light and life to the event. It’s the activity that will get kids meeting and greeting setting the stage for all that will transpire that evening…No Pressure! But don’t sweat the small stuff! Here are the top 3 go to sites where youth workers and pastors are getting the best stuff