The Secret Sauce for Youth Ministry

It might not be what you think!

This past weekend there was a Toy Story marathon on TV.  Throughout the weekend I could sit down at any time and jump into this iconic movie trilogy.  As I watched these films, I was once again aware of the   numerous messages that can be taken from these films and one message is evident: the toys care for each other.  These films are great examples of the secret sauce for youth ministry. You’ll be amazed to see what it is!

10 Quick Ideas to Get Love Flowing in Your Group

It’s not enough that you love your kids.

Students will leave your group if they don’t feel loved and accepted by other students. That’s not always easy to pull off. Some students are better at making friends than others. Some students are just harder to love because of various behaviors. Unless they find a friend or a way  to fit in, they won’t last long in your group.

Here are quick ways to help them get connected.