Show Your Students Young Adults Who Still Believe

Not every young adult has abandoned their faith.

Students need to know that the church isn’t just for those 20 somethings who have nothing going on in their life. This short video let’s students hear firsthand from young adults why they believe.

Here’s the video and three quick reasons why you want your students to interact with godly young adults:

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Many thanks to Jeremy Gifford and Anomaly Youth at North Pointe Community Church


Teens are Looking to the Grads Ahead of Them

I clearly remember dropping out of Sunday School when I realized that in the oldest class there were no guys. Even in my grade it was clear that there was only a few of us boys left. I gave it up to play pick up baseball Sunday afternoons..

Teens Copy the Behavior of Young Adults

Another reason to expose students to faithful young adult is that they want to be like young adults who they respect. They are anxious for adult roles and so they need good role models to admire. Even better if some wholesome young adults can build relationships with teens the impact will be so much greater

Teens are going to need connections in the young adult group before they get there.

In Canada we lose 1/3 of our students between the Sunday School and the youth ministry. We lose another 1/3 between the youth ministry and the young adult ministry. To help students make this transition students are going to need young adults to help them cross that bridge and then remain connected to this new group.

We can urge high school grads to join the group. We can introduce them to the leaders of that ministry. These are helpful steps but unless these new students know someone and quickly feel accepted by the group they won’t make the effort to keep coming out.

Gone Before their Senior Year

Here’s my theory about losing students from church before they transition to the young adult group. Students are leaving before their final year in the youth group. Try a count this week? How many seniors do you have? Compare this number to the other years of your program.

Students are checking out early. Some people like Duffy Robbins call this senioritis. Whatever it is called we can’t afford to lose these students even if they are going to head off to college. Try things like giving them leadership roles.

Have special events for them. Motivate them to continue to engage with they youth ministry, the church and their faith. The younger students are looking up to them and looking out for them if they leave the group. If we can help these students get involved and excited about their faith, they will influence the whole group for years to come.

Your Thoughts?

What are you doing to connect your students with committed young adults?

How are you helping your oldest students to stay motivated and involved?




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Ron Powell


Ron Powell is the Adviser to the Director of the Youth Ministry Institute at Vanguard College. He has been involved in youth ministry for over 30 years. He continues to volunteer, write, teach, and speak to parents, leaders and teens. If you would like to contact him you can email


  1. Ron, I really appreciate this blog in particular and many of the other blogs you have posted. When I wrote the book: What Would It Take For Youth To Come To Church”, there was clear evidence that youth were staying away from church in droves. I wanted to know why. So, I interviewed youth on the street so that I could hear it directly from them and not just the research. I heard lots of things—some of it was difficult. Yet, their message was clear. “Youth need a voice!” They need others to care enough to listen long enough, debate ferociously about everything, argue that black is white until they can see the gray, and to be with others who are passionate about their faith. Thank you Ron for providing a site where information can be shared and challenged. All the best to you in your work. Wayne Townsend Intelligent Leaders.

  2. Wayne thanks so much for your support and sharing some of your research! How can our readers get a hold of your book. I am sure it would be of great interest to youth workers and parents.

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