Shaping Your Ministry the Marvel Comics Way

Marvel Comics is a money making machine.

Their characters are in some of the highest grossing movies of all time.  You could buy anything from bed sheets to underwear with a Spider-Man or Hulk character on them!

Believe it or not the origin of Marvel Comics is not as glamorous as one might think. It provides us with some crucial lessons we should all learn. 

A Tale of Two Men

In fact most of these creations can be traced back to two men.  The one you probably heard of, Stan Lee.  In fact he makes cameo appearances in most Marvel movies.  He wrote most of those early comics and co-created most of the characters that we watch today.

It is the other creator that you might not have heard of.  His name is Jack Kirby.  He is a legendary artist who designed, drew and was the creative force behind all of these characters.  In fact most people in the “know” say that if it wasn’t for Kirby there wouldn’t be a Marvel Comics.

Be Like Kirby

Most don’t know anything about Kirby.  He was the guy behind the scenes working hard, creating the foundation of Marvel Comics.  He was unassuming, didn’t get much of the credit, but was crucial.

As a youth leader or youth pastor, it can often feel like you are not noticed in the life of the church.  That you do not influence much.  That you do not shape much of the church.

But remember this important lesson, there is great influence from the number two position.  The one who is behind the scenes can shape an entire church.

The Marvel Way

This is how it can be done:

  1. Work Hard

God has placed you where you are so honour God by working hard.  Also people will listen to someone who works hard and is effective.  Do good effective work and you will be able to influence up.

  1. Share Your Ideas

Don’t stay quiet.  Share your ideas but don’t have a pity party if all your ideas aren’t listened to.  But if you don’t share then it is impossible to shape.

  1. Never Criticize Leadership

Nothing good ever comes from criticizing leadership.  Behind closed doors in a meeting please challenge the leadership.  Remember to do it respectfully.  But in public NEVER criticize.

  1. Always Serve

Follow the example of Jesus and serve.  When we serve God uses us to shape.  Seeking power is never the way.

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Tyson Howells

Tyson is the associate youth ministry director for Vanguard Youth Ministry Institute. He has been a youth pastor for many years in Winnipeg as well as in Edmonton. Tyson is passionate in seeing relational youth ministry that results in youth that are passionate about following Jesus. He still leads a small group at the youth group in his home church.