Ron Powell

Dr. Ron Powell
Ron has a passion to train men and women to reach and disciple teens through relational ministry. He has been on this mission in pastoring and teaching youth ministry for the past 33 years. Presently he is the Adviser to the  Youth Ministry Institute Director at Vanguard College in Edmonton. He holds a Masters in Youth Ministry from Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, and a Doctor of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago. Ron has been a workshop leader at Canadian Youth Worker’s Conference, YC Edmonton, Breakforth Canada, and other youth leadership conferences from Newfoundland to British Columbia. He has two teenage daughters and lives in a suburb of Edmonton, AB.

Study with Ron and Matt at the Youth Ministry Institute, Vanguard College, Edmonton Alberta
1 year Merge youth ministry certificate
2 year Bachelor of religious education emphasis is Youth Ministry
3 year Diploma in Youth Ministry
4 year Bachelor of Arts in Theology Youth Ministry

Study Youth Ministry Online With Ron with IBOLT (International Biblical Online Leadership Training)
1 year Youth Ministry Certificate
3 year Diploma in Youth Ministry
4 year Bachelor of Arts in Theology Youth Ministry

Other Books in this Self Study Series by Ron Powell

Each of these books represents a core subject in most Bible College Youth Ministry programs in the USA and in Canada. Each book has been compiled from actual youth ministry lectures.


This book begins by working through a very detailed Philosophy of Youth Ministry that involves the theological and philosophical basis for a specific strategy of youth ministry. One-to-one ministry, junior high ministry, parent ministry, and student leadership are just some of the topics addressed in the various chapters. The book also gets behind the scenes to discuss various aspects of managing a ministry while balancing your life, leading a team of volunteers, as well as establishing a vision, goals and programs for a ministry.


This book attempts to prepare the reader to nurture faith development in young people. Beginning from a biblical perspective on discipleship in general, the focus will move to the call and character of the youth worker. From here we will examine the challenge of ministering in a post modern pop dominated culture. From here we will examine discipleship as it relates to the church and the outworking of a philosophy of disciple-making youth ministry.


This book attempts to introduce you to two very important interrelated subjects; the study of adolescent development and the application of that knowledge to relating to youth. Obviously, each of these subjects requires much more study. this information will whet your appetite for further study while preparing a foundation for effective interaction with youth today.

The latest research on youth has been investigated while preparing this book so that the material is current and reliable. At the same time, the study of adolescence is constantly changing as youth and youth culture continue to change. Note also that there is a purpose to studying the biological, cognitive, psycho-social, and spiritual development of contemporary youth. The intention is that by understanding how teens think and feel that the Christian teacher, sponsor, or minister can more effectively connect with youth.


This book is designed to prepare the lay and professional youth workers for the complexities of youth ministry today by analyzing approaches to dealing with key issues and solutions to typical problems faced by teens. The chapters presented in this book are a compilation of lectures and notes on a number of important youth issues. Some of the material has been researched by students and edited in my office. In general this book should be used as a starting place to further study or a quick reference for ideas when helping a teen.