Michael Hyatt’s Trick to Dramatically Improve Your Life

Stuck? Need a change? Try this!

New York Times best selling author, Michael Hyatt, has a simple but powerful solution that anyone can use to dramatically improve their life.

To be honest I was pretty skeptical at first. But as I read his trick and started using it, it made a big difference in my emotions, my outlook and my day!

Here’s what he suggests…

It’s pretty simple, actually. Ready? Here it goes:

Stop thinking about it. No, I don’t mean live in denial. What I do mean is shift your focus.

Hyatt goes on to explain:

The Power of Shifting Your Focus

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For anyone who has been dwelling on their weaknesses looking down into a hole of despair, there’s no way to see any hope! Here’s how Hyatt explains it:

“When we focus on what’s wrong, it makes it more complicated to do what’s right. That doesn’t mean we ignore what’s wrong. Instead, we use it as an impetus for change, recognizing that it can prevent positive change if we dwell on it instead of next steps.


Nobody finds a better job by complaining about the bad one. No one quits overeating by resolving not to. No one improves their marriage by fuming about how bad it currently is.

What we need—and what researchers say actually works—is a replacement strategy.”

Find Your Replacement Strategy

It’s a simple cognitive therapy solution. Therapists help clients change the responses to triggers. Change your response, change your life. Hyatt provides this example.

When we feel like overeating, for instance, it makes more sense to go for a walk than stand by the fridge hoping your will power holds. The implementation intention just formulates a positive response. So you might say, “When I feel like overeating, then I will go for a brief walk.”

What we’re looking for are strategies that lead us to achievement instead of derail our success.

Try this simple process now:

When I am bored I will ____________________ instead of ___________________________________.

When I am discouraged I will _________________________ instead of _________________________

Making the positive life-giving choice isn’t always easy but it is always wise! It is what we really crave instead of our path-of-least-resistance go to response.

Focus on Health and Strength instead of Pain

hyatt quote

The way to get to where God wants us to be isn’t by constantly dwelling on our pain, problems, and failures.  A Focus on excellent things is probably the best strategy ever. The Bible is pretty clear on this point.  The Apostle Paul taught,

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phil 4:8


A Commitment to Health

It’s so easy to slide into a rut of unproductive behaviors. These dysfunctional habits are self defeating. This kind of escapism doesn’t make our problems go it helps them grow!

I’ve had a lot of these behaviors that have stood in the way of my goals. Swapping these destructive ways with a focus on better responses has really helped.

Try a few of these today and see if you get the results that you really want!

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