Flip Your Youth Room

“They don’t think we know anything,”

Jamie complained to me. It’s as if we are this empty cup and they want to “pour into us.” At high school I am doing human geography that my youth pastor doesn’t understand but when I get to youth they don’t even know where Assyria would be on the map today!”

One of the reasons that high school seniors are checked out is because things are just too simple for them. Here’s a strategy that educators are using in high schools and colleges to engage students in the teaching learning process. You’ll be amazed at the results

Let Them Teach

You probably know this already. You learn best when you teach. The flipped classroom allows students to explore a subject and present their learning. The students become the teacher and you become the audience.


Suzy was doing a huge project for school on procrastination. I challenged her to present it to the youth ministry with a Biblical Perspective. You could have heard a pin drop when she challenged the youth to not put off living for God. A huge change took place in her life as well as she began to lead Bible Studies in her high school art room.

Here are all kinds of ways to involve students in the teaching learning process.

  • Have a your oldest students form a panel for Q and A from younger students about living for God in your last year of highschool.
  • Have the whole youth room divide into groups and make a commercial for half time at the superbowl about why everyone needs to read the Bible Every Day
  • Have students plan and execute an outreach night including the promotion, the theme, the food, the activities, the message, the after activities and the follow up of new believers
  • Follow Up –what if students worked together to design a follow up program for other students who give their heart to the Lord and work their way through it.
  • Small Group could be run by the students one time. They work with the curriculum and lead the group. The usual leader just lends a hand.
  • Write a devotional. I’ve had students write a half page devotional. If they are tech savvy they can post it like a blog. If you have enough of them you can provide devotions by student for students for a month.

Tons of ideas exist out there to engage students in the learning process. Trust the Holy Spirit that he will work through students to learn from him and share this learning with their peers. I bet it will make a huge difference!


Here a link to a Ted Talk about the Flipped Class Room –its time we flip the youth room too!! In fact here’s a whole bunch of resources for you from the university of Washington!

Quick start guides and tool kits


Blogs and websites



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Ron Powell


Ron Powell is the Adviser to the Director of the Youth Ministry Institute at Vanguard College. He has been involved in youth ministry for over 30 years. He continues to volunteer, write, teach, and speak to parents, leaders and teens. If you would like to contact him you can email ron.powell@vanguardcollege.com


  1. Dan Burseysays:

    Hey Ron. Love this idea. In fact it’s one that I learned from you, and I’ve seen it work very well in YM over the years.

    • Thanks Dan! Maybe I was ahead of my time years ago!! ha ha… I appreciate you reading and commenting!! All the best!

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