My Magical Christmas Eve

Two back to back exams, a failed youth party, and one of the most magical nights of my life!

It was the night before, the night before Christmas (Dec 23rd) and I was doing an all-nighter at the church, pouring over Psychology and Human Anthropology. Why in the world I schedule two 3 hour exams back to back on Christmas eve day is beyond me. I needed to get the two correspondence courses done before Christmas to complete my BA before I could begin my Masters in January. I had no idea what I was in for that day!

We Hear You: Your Survey Results

The Youth Ministry Unleashed Readers Have Spoken

…and we hear you!

 Last week I sent out a quick ten question survey. I kind of messed up because I wrote over last year’s survey. If you did it last year, the survey told you that you couldn’t do it again. I apologize for that.

What ended up happening though, is that we got feedback from people who didn’t do the survey last year and the new results were really helpful.

One of the results that stuck out was that there is a huge interest in youth culture and youth issues. You also seemed interested in articles on parenting teens and resources that you can use.

You can see some important findings and some graphs if you click below. You can also read about upcoming things that we have for you!

Introducing Youth Ministry Unleashed

Ron PowellHi Folks,
We are looking forward to sharing ideas that are working in youth ministries today. Some of what I share is what we are discussing in class, things I have written in articles, or great stuff that others are sharing out there. I know that you are crazy busy so I am happy to sift through stuff and give you something quick and easy that you can use right away. Of course I am always open for suggestions about things that you would like to hear about and would love to get your comments about the material that I am sharing with you. Please subscribe if you want to keep hearing from us and if you subscribe you can have an e-book that I wrote on some crucial youth ministry basics!  –Ron


Tyson HowellsHey Everyone,
Youth ministry can be frustrating at times or even it can cause us to feel completely ineffective.  However, I think the reason we are all involved in youth ministry is because we have a blast pouring and investing into youth.  This blog is simply a chance for us to share tips and ideas of how we can do that effectively.
Sometimes it will be thoughts shared from a personal experience, other times it will be lessons from a book our class I teach and maybe there might even be the odd rant.  However, it will always be about us helping each other unleash the best possible youth ministries.  –Tyson

Welcome to Youth Ministry Unleashed

Hello Everyone,

Why in the world would we (we being Ron and Tyson) want to start a blog about youth ministry?  Well the simple answer is that we want to serve and help.  We are two guys that teach youth ministry at Vanguard College and have over 25 years of youth ministry experience.

So really this site is about helping you unleash the full potential of your youth ministry.

We will be sharing about what we are learning and also from our failures and some of our successes.  Also we look forward to hearing from you and learning from you.

We look forward to helping you in this wonderful journey of youth ministry!