Selfies, Students & Mental Health

Danny Bowman attempted to kill himself

…because he couldn’t capture the perfect selfie. But his case is extreme, right? What about the average student who posts a new selfie a few times a week? How harmful can that be? More than you think. Here is what some recent research is saying and what you can do about it.

What Every Parent Should Know about Social Media

What’s Going On?!

This week I had the privilege of spending an evening with parents and pastors, presenting what is going on in the world of social media. I wish you could have been there! I guess the next best thing would be receiving my notes from the session so here 4 of the highlights and a link to download my notes.

6 Strategies to Get Screen Time Under Control

Netflix is playing…

and your teen keeps looking at their smart phone. It’s called media-multitasking but most parents call it annoying. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 8-18 year olds devote 53 hours per week to this pursuit. You are right to be concerned about what this will do to their physical and mental health. Here are 6 strategies to get screen time under control…