An Amazing Resource To Help You Accomplish Your Goals

This time of year is all about resolutions and goals.

So I have to ask, What are your youth ministry goals this year?

I hope that you have some goals over wise you are in store for a frustrating year.  You have heard the old adage, “if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.”

Your goals could be;

  • Starting a new program
  • How about connecting with a certain amount of students each week
  • Seeing yourself or students more engaged in spiritual disciplines
  • Doing a better job with followup

There really are countless goals that you could have, they key is seeing them completed.  This is where so many people fail.  I have for you two practical pieces of advice and one amazing resource to help you accomplish your goals this time.

The All-Time Most Important Youth Ministry Book

We’re all looking for that great resource…

the one that will help us be more effective…  -that will push us to reach more students. -something that will help us unleash the full potential of our youth ministry.

I want to share with you the most important youth ministry book of all-time.

Are you ready for it…..

Physical, Sexual, Mental, Emotional, Social Empathy Experience

Do you remember what it felt like to go through puberty?

Maybe you want to forget! This quick experience sheet will help you and your leaders relive and remember. And as you remember together, you and your leaders will not only develop greater empathy, you will be more able to relate.

Powerful Tool Guaranteed to Help Shape Your Student Ministry

You have no clue what your students think about the youth ministry!

Oh sure, they say nice things to your face when you ask them.  They might even give you a few suggestions if you ask.  However, do you know what they really think?

Is there a way to lift open that student’s mind and find out what they think is awesome, ridiculous, embarrassing, or just lame.

Top Ten Youth Ministry Websites and Books

What are your top ten youth ministry resources? That was a great question I was asked last week by a denominational leader. My problem wasn’t coming up with 10. My problem was narrowing the list to only ten. So I came up with 10 books and 10 websites. I really hope that you will look these over, maybe store the list away until you need it, and if you have time, explore some of the links.

You might be amazed at what you discover. And don’t worry, they aren’t paying me to advertise for them!

5 Great Books that will Shape Your Life and Youth Ministry

Some of us read a lot and some of us barely read.  Wherever you find yourself, one key is to be selective in your reading.  I was in a book store yesterday and I was blown away by the selection.  Even on one given topic there is no chance you could read everything.

The key is to only read the truly great stuff.  Don’t waste your time on the average.

Here are five great books that will shape you and your youth ministry.  They have done this for me.  Some are very popular and others you probably never heard of but they are all great.