Move Students from Strangers to Family

A 7 Step Slide Share to Teach You How to Build Community

Do you wish your students were closer?
Do you want to integrate shy students? What about those besties who won’t become friends with anyone else in the group? How are you going to connect them to others?

Here is a slide share that quickly shows you the scientifically proven step to move students from being distant and disconnected to being close and connected.

5 Ways to Build a Better Retreat and Retreat Planner

Nothing changes teens’ lives

like retreats and extended times away together. A group survey of 1000 teens and many other studies proved that pretty conclusively. But not all retreats are created equally. It’s possible to maximize the impact of a weekend with a few intentional enhancements. Here are 5 ideas that really work:

Study: Teen Brain Wired for Pleasure

Teen mice drank too much,

ate too much, and made poor choices in a study at Temple University.

Famous adolescence researcher, Laurence Steinberg’s team point out that the same reason mice behaved badly in this study, is the reason that teens make risky choices.

It is all about pleasure! Here is why and what we can do to help them from 10-25 years old.

Without This We’d Be Lost

There have been times where I have lost my way.

It’s a terrible feeling.

I begin to second guess everything. I don’t know which way is which and I could easily go in a bad direction. And, being a typical male, in some respects, I am too embarrassed to ask for directions.

When this happens I look for something certain; something that I know for sure I can trust. It is similar to finding ones way in life.

Here is what I try to explain to people when it comes to faith…hopefully this will help you to explain your faith to others…

10 Great Ideas to Amp Your Interactivity  

Bored kids,

tuned out, waiting for the evening to end, are the bane of every youth workers existence. They make you think, “Why do you come here?”

We could wish that they would leave, hope that they would change, or we could work with where they are, to bring them to where we want them to be!

I believe the key is involvement. Here are 10 ways that you can increase your interactivity to engage even the most checked out students.

Have You Read David and Goliath? You Should!

It’s summertime!!!

I hope you take holidays.  I hope that you are doing some planning for the coming year?  I hope that you are hanging out with your students?

I also hope that you are finding time to read!

I am a believer that reading is an important part of us growing, being stretched, and being better youth ministers.  I am always challenging myself to read widely.

Here is a book that should make it to the top of your reading list.  It is David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.  He is one of my favourite authors and this book did not disappoint.

This is what makes Gladwell so good: