The Best Game for Fall 2017

If your group isn’t already playing this they’re missing out.

Dozens of students line up for their turn. Leaders want to get in on the act. Some stick around just to play after the students are gone. Nine Square isn’t new but if your students aren’t playing it they are missing out. The game practically runs itself and if you can get the pieces, its pretty easy to put together. You can have it up and running in no time.

Here are the rules and instructions!

4 Strategies to Build on the Youth Camp, Conference or Retreat Experience

Enthusiasm is running high!

New commitments have been made. Now what are you going to do? The temptation is to rejoice, give a sigh of relief and then relax. The danger is that in this exciting time commitments may be forgotten. Students might not get the help that they need to follow through. Here are 4 proven strategies to help students build on the experience… 

Flip Your Youth Room

“They don’t think we know anything,”

Jamie complained to me. It’s as if we are this empty cup and they want to “pour into us.” At high school I am doing human geography that my youth pastor doesn’t understand but when I get to youth they don’t even know where Assyria would be on the map today!”

One of the reasons that high school seniors are checked out is because things are just too simple for them. Here’s a strategy that educators are using in high schools and colleges to engage students in the teaching learning process. You’ll be amazed at the results

5 Powerful Ways to Teach without Talking

If you teach twice a month for 20 minutes you are not going to affect much life change. If you recognize that learning by hearing is one of the poorest ways to get people to remember what you have taught then you may want to look at other ways to get your point across. And if you consider that beside Jesus’ excellent teaching he used other very powerful teaching methods you may want to put some of these 5 powerful teaching methods in place this fall.

Free Books For You and Your Friends

Here are two books you can use.

I love getting free stuff but I love giving away free stuff even more! So here are two books that I have sold for 20 dollars each with tons of insights and tips for working with youth.

Leading a Disciple Making Youth Ministry

This book goes through every area of youth ministry to develop a foundation that will last. The focus is reaching and discipling teens who will live for Christ into their adult years. It deals with programs, events, philosophy of ministry and strategies that you can put in place today. (click on link below

disciple make   Discipling Teens by Ron Powell

Understanding Adolescent Behavior

Why do students look and act the way that they do? This book makes the science simple and provides lots of practical ideas for youth workers and parents. It will help you gain insights about physical, social, intellectual and moral development. Knowing how teens are changing will help you to be able to reach and disciple students in the different stages of their development. (click on link below)

adol    Understanding Adolescent Behavior EBOOK

Feel Free to Share

Hey, if you know anyone who could benefit from these books please send them the link from this site so that they could download them.

I really hope that you find these helpful and if you are interested I have some other books that I have written on youth ministry that I would be happy to send you.




4 Books You Should Read This Summer

As the youth ministry calendar begins to slow down it is a great time to rest, get caught up on some projects and read.

Some of you love to read and some of you hate to read.  Wherever you fall I want to challenge you to strategically pick at least one book this summer to read. Here are 4 very different options that you could choose from.